RESCOLL Medical offers a wide range of services, including prototyping, manufacturing and validation of your medical devices.

Our Capacities and Services


Methods, Engineering and Quality

Short lead times for qualification and prototyping are possible thanks to our methods and quality departments.
Our engineers’ extensive experience in processing and manufacturing allow them to improve on your ideas, leading to seamless development.
Their specialisation on Swiss-turning, machining and milling allow them to improve the product’s lead-time and manufacturing robustness.

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Technical drawings, Computer Assisted Manufacturing, Automated Control, Surface Treatment, Laser Marking, Cleaning and Packaging programs are all defined in our Methods, Engineering & Quality department.

Qualifications and Metrology

Our ISO 17025 certified laboratories can perform all required qualification tests in record time!
And our metrology laboratory ensures zero-defect manufacturing.

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The use of optical comparators and coordinate-measuring machines are standard procedures in our facilities to ensure dimensional and geometrical controls of your products. Functional measurements and validations are performed by specially trained, skilled personnel.

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Machining and Milling

Our capacities in machining, milling, turning and Swiss-turning include a wide range of equipment capable of switching from single parts to large series.

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Our 1500-m2 facility with the latest equipment is dedicated to manufacturing your products. Clear workflows and digitalized tracking of the manufacturing steps ensure real-time efficiency management.


Finishing includes tribofinishing, sandblasting, laser marking and engraving.

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Manual and automated laser marking devices allow us to deal with large series of standardized batches as well as with prototypes and/or small series of new products. All parameters are recorded and available for full traceability of the manufacturing processes.

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Surface Treatment

Surface treatment includes titanium anodization as well as titanium and stainless steel passivation.
Our automated anodizing line ensures process homogeneity and repeatability.

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Our fully-automated line ensures repeatability and robustness of anodization and passivation processes. All parameters are recorded and available for full traceability of the manufacturing processes.

Cleaning and Packaging

The cleaning and packaging of your devices are performed In an ISO-7 clean room. Clean room validation is managed and performed at regular intervals.

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Automated clean line and packaging sealing equipment ensure non-sterile and sterile packaging with different options: pouches, vacuum packs and blister packs. All parameters are recorded and available for full traceability of the manufacturing processes.