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RESCOLL will be present at the 4th Regional Research Meeting – Industry – Clinical Osteoarticular Biomechanics

PRESENTATIONS PHOTOSThe 4th Regional Research Meeting – Industry – Clinical Osteoarticular Biomechanics will be organized in Luminy-Marseille on May, 18 & 19th, 2015. The session theme will be “Issues and challenges for orthopedics”. These conferences are co-organized by CARMA, The Institute of Movement Sciences Etienne-Jules Marey and the Sports Science Faculty of Aix-Marseille.

Members of RESCOLL will be part of the expert panel present on May 18 in the Thematic Sessions of “Tissue Engineering and surface functionalization Processes”


→ 6 conferences in tripartite or pairs (are present) will be organized for a better understanding of a collaborative approach on project, process and product.

  • Application of porous silicon for bone tissue regeneration;
  • New bio-resorbable cement, application example in spine;
  • Development of a titanium surface treatment to deliver antibiotics locally at infection (H & M);
  • Surface texturing to Improve tribological properties of CoCrMo / CoCrMo couple for the prosthetic head in total hip replacement;
  • Mod-HIP project: Fretting corrosion modular junctions of total hip replacement;
  • Recent innovations in technologies of implant surface treatment.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Downloadable here 150227_AvtProg_4e RencontresReg RIC


You can now register directly via the following link: http://www.materiatech-carma.net/forms/miec2011/carma1819052015.html

Expert for Tissue Engineering and surface functionalization Processes