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Rescoll participates in the roundtable about technology transfers from spatial to medical areas : MEDISPACE 2014


Rescoll participated in the second MEDISPACE edition on December 4, 2014 in Mérignac. This event was organized by Bordeaux Technowest with partners such as Aerospace Valley competitive cluster and CNES. Their purpose is to develop technology transfers from spatial to medical areas.

 The day was divided into two parts : the morning was devoted to conferences about obvious interaction between the medical and spatial fields. The day ended by a roundtable on the subject “key success factors to be developped in the future to increase tecnological transfers from space towards medical areas and encourage economic interregion development around this topic”. Konstantin Sipos, Head of the R&D Department at Rescoll, took part in these discussions.

In the afternoon, business meetings were organized through an appointment Platform with the aim of providing companies or suppliers/service providers an individual answer to the issues of medical experts.

In this respect, Rescoll – who rapidly expanded in the Aerospace-Spatial-Defense area then diversified into the medical field – was able to bring forward their skills in these two very close domains. These two sectors include technical, feasibility, security and quality requirements. Whether in the ASD or medical areas, certifications/accréditations are essential (ISO 170255/COFRAC, NADCAP, ISO 13485, …).