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Rescoll ISO 17025 certification extends to Medical devices testing

The COFRAC technical certification committee gave its verdict : Rescoll has been ISO 17025 certified for new mechanical testings on orthopaedic implants. A 3.5-day audit was carried out in June 2015 within the different Rescoll Laboratories by a team of 3 auditors.

Schelcher and M. Bignon, respectively technical appraisers of 79 programme (food packaging migration) and 136 programme (chemical and biological products, medical equipments / medical devices / mechanical testing), as well as Mr. Foucher, Audit Manager and Quality specialist could appreciate professionalism of the technical staff and the operational aspect of the Quality system.

The request for the extension of our certification according to ISO 17025 standard to testing in the medical area (pull-out test according to ASTM F543 standards, compressive fatigue testing according to ASTM F2077 and ASTM F1717 standards) and continued accreditation in the other fields have therefore been registered by COFRAC.

Since 2008, Rescoll has been ISO 17025 certified by COFRAC for testing in the field of chemicals (fibers rate, density), thermal area (DMA, ATG, DSC), spectroscopies et chromatographies (IR, GPC, GC-MS), as well as mechanical area (tensile testing, compression testing, testing at various temperatures, wind power testing, …).

As part of the diversification strategy of its activities, Rescoll is also ISO 17025 certified by COFRAC for mechanical testing on medical devices, according to the 136 programme and for migration testing of food packaging according to programme 79.

You can find the list of available tests on the following link : RESCOLL – Accréditation COFRAC N°1-1995

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