Leading to competitiveness through innovation in medical devices, biomaterials, and processes.



RESCOLL and RESCOLL Manufacturing offer a variety of technological services to analyze, develop, prototype and manufacture biomaterials and medical devices, in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.

RESCOLL is an accredited testing laboratory according to ISO 17025.

RESCOLL helps you to define, identify and control the different hazards in the conception and manufacturing process using standard ISO 14971 as a support.

RESCOLL is now certified following ISO 13485 for the “development, according to customer specifications or projects, biomaterials, surface treatments, implantable and non-implantable medical devices to be sterilized.”

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RESCOLL Manufacturing is a certified manufacturing unit according to ISO 13485.

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The products developed by RESCOLL and Manufactured by RESCOLL Manufacturing belong to the category of medical devices and integrate a part of risk analysis to identify hazard.