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MEDTEC France 2015: Large representation of Rescoll Medical


MEDTEC France is a French business event focused on medical device manufacturers striving for more technology, networking and innovation. It will take place on june 10 and 11 in Besançon.

Rescoll will have a dual presence at this 2015 MEDTEC Fair :


On one hand, we will have a stand during these two days, where you will be able to meet with people in charge of our innovation and production business in the medical area.

On the other hand, Elodie Pacard and Magalie Genet (Alcis Manager) will hold a plenary conference on June 11th, at 10.15 am to present the work carried out in “HOBBIT” FUI project by Rescoll, Alcis, NORAKER, and two French laboratories: IMP Lyon and MATEIS. It is entitled “A new generation of biomimetic and bioactive implant for bone reconstruction in cranio- maxillofacial surgery”.

The project objective was to develop resorbable implants with gradients of mechanical properties and resorption. These implants are made from composite materials (organic /bioactive ceramic) stimulating bone regrowth and using conventional plastics technologies. Ultimately, the success of this project will avoid removing plates, screws, pins after surgery … and open up the possibility to develop resorbable implants with mechanical strength. Project supported by FUI 8, 092906353.

For more information about Rescoll’s innovation studies in the medical field, please visit : https://www.rescoll-medical.fr/

For information about our manufucturing activity of medical devices, please visit : http://www.rescoll-mfg.com