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Biomaterials Development

Gel formulation

Formulation, optimization and evaluation of gels with thermogelling and adhesive properties (or not) for medical fields like drug delivery, esthetic, cosmetology, Vascular, Dental and orthopedic.

Rescoll’s expertise in gel formulation allow us to support the development, the testing and the validation of a new formulation according your specifications and regulatory requirements for medical field.



RESCOLL involved in the ANR Project “CHITOART” :
Chitosan physical hydrogel-based bioartificial vascular substitute.

The objective of this project is to develop a tissue-engineered vascular conduit that remains in-situ physiologically functional on the long term, containing the core elements of a vascular tissue. The investigated systems result from the association of different chitosan-based hydrogels.

Chitosan is a natural bioresorbable and biocompatible polysaccharide well suited for tissue engineering. Such hydrogel associations (the ChitoArts) will bring the combined mechanical and biological properties required for the application.

The chitoart architectures are specifically designed as templates for tissue engineering, and in a second step will be bio-functionalized with the pertinent cell types to rebuild in a combined in vitro and in vivo approach, multilayered vascular conduits with a resulting tissue organization inspired from natural blood vessels.

Project supported by ANR 2010-TCS-017