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Biomaterials Development

Adhesive Formulation

Rescoll expertise in adhesive formulation allow us to support the development, the testing and the validation of a new adhesive polymer formulation according your specifications and regulatory requirements for medical device field.

RESCOLL involved in the European Project “AnastomoSEAL”

RESCOLL will contribute to the project performing the following tasks :

  • to contribute to the development of adhesion properties (tackiness and adhesion)
  • to develop possible material reinforcement and optimization of mechanical resistance of the matrix
  • to perform the mechanical characterization of adhesion over inert and biological substrates, as well as chromatographic, spectrometry and themomechanical analysis
  • to develop and validate the sterilization process(es)
  • to study the final product performance under accelerated aging simulating storage conditions
  • IPR evaluation

Project co-funded under the FP7 : 280929