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Composite Implants


Composite Implants (2)

Using composites such Carbon fiber-reinforced polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Biodegradable polymer/ bioactive ceramics (HA, β TCP, Bioglass) composites…

Composite can be processed by most conventional plastics processing techniques, with some adjustments of processing conditions and modifications of machinery. Extrusion, machining, injection molding, freeze-drying process are some of the processing techniques that we can performed to Rescoll laboratory’s to prototype your product.

RESCOLL was involved in the European Project “NEWBONE” :



Development of load-bearing fibre reinforced composite based non-metallic biomimetic bone implant.

The aim of NEWBONE is to develop fibre reinforced composite (FRC) material load-bearing implant: to produce at prototype level two resorbable fixation devices in knee/shoulder ligament repair and two non-resorbable bone fixation devices for reconstruction of large bone defects and study the use of developed technologies in complete implants (hip stem, knee) and spine applications.

Project co-funded under the fp6 : 026279



RESCOLL involved in the FUI Project “HOBBIT” :



The objective is to develop resorbable implants with gradients of mechanical properties and resorption. This will allow a gradual resorption without risk of mechanical properties loss between bone and implant.

These implants are made with composite material (organic /bioactive ceramic) highly osteostimulator and by using conventional plastics technologies.

Ultimately, the success of this project will avoid to remove plate, screws, pins after surgery … and open the possibility to develop resorbable implants with high mechanical strength.

Project supported by FUI 8, 092906353