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Rescoll Medical : Large representation of Rescoll at the next 2015 MEDI’NOV fair


MEDI’NOV is a French business event dedicated to the design and manufacturing of medical devices. It will take place on April 8 and 9 at the WTC Congress Center of Grenoble and is organized by several Health clusters : Medic@lps, Alsace BioValley, AEPE Grenoble-Isère as well as the Materalia, Lyonbiopôle and Minalogic clusters. Several dozen exhbitors will present innovative technologies and know-how in the field of materials, electronics, connected objects, plasturgy, additive manufacturing, precision engineering …

Rescoll will have a dual presence at this 2015 MEDI’NOV Fair.

On one hand, we will have a stand during these two days, where you will be able to meet with people in charge of our innovation business in the medical area.

On the other hand, Elodie Pacard will hold a plenary conference on April 8, at 11.00 am to present the work carried out by Rescoll. It is entitled « From surface functionalization of medical devices to combined advanced therapy medicinal products ».

For more information about Rescoll’s innovation studies in the medical field, please visit : https://www.rescoll-medical.fr/

For information about our manufucturing activity of medical devices, please visit : http://www.rescoll-mfg.com

RESCOLL will be present at the 4th Regional Research Meeting – Industry – Clinical Osteoarticular Biomechanics

PRESENTATIONS PHOTOSThe 4th Regional Research Meeting – Industry – Clinical Osteoarticular Biomechanics will be organized in Luminy-Marseille on May, 18 & 19th, 2015. The session theme will be “Issues and challenges for orthopedics”. These conferences are co-organized by CARMA, The Institute of Movement Sciences Etienne-Jules Marey and the Sports Science Faculty of Aix-Marseille.

Members of RESCOLL will be part of the expert panel present on May 18 in the Thematic Sessions of “Tissue Engineering and surface functionalization Processes”


→ 6 conferences in tripartite or pairs (are present) will be organized for a better understanding of a collaborative approach on project, process and product.

  • Application of porous silicon for bone tissue regeneration;
  • New bio-resorbable cement, application example in spine;
  • Development of a titanium surface treatment to deliver antibiotics locally at infection (H & M);
  • Surface texturing to Improve tribological properties of CoCrMo / CoCrMo couple for the prosthetic head in total hip replacement;
  • Mod-HIP project: Fretting corrosion modular junctions of total hip replacement;
  • Recent innovations in technologies of implant surface treatment.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Downloadable here 150227_AvtProg_4e RencontresReg RIC


You can now register directly via the following link: http://www.materiatech-carma.net/forms/miec2011/carma1819052015.html

Expert for Tissue Engineering and surface functionalization Processes

RESCOLL is accredited ISO 13485 for Research and Development activity on biomaterials, surface treatments, and medical devices.

LRQA ISO 13485Accreditation ISO 13485 [1] for Research and development activity on biomaterials, surface treatments, and medical devices is completely in line with the development strategy of Rescoll. Issued by the UK LRQA, this certification demonstrates our commitment to meet regulatory requirements and the highest quality standards towards our customers in the medical industry. In addition to our certification of compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 for mechanical testing directly on orthopedic implants [2], RESCOLL is now certified ISO 13485 for the “development of biomaterials, surface treatments, implantable and non-implantable medical devices to be sterilized, according to customer specifications or projects.” The maturity level of the quality management system and risk management were identified as strengths by LRQA auditors.

RESCOLL MEDICAL is already involved in developments in the fields of orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, dental, intestines and skin-compatible adhesives. Research and development activities of RESCOLL are diverse and range from literature reviews, formulations (gel, composite, adhesive etc.), surface treatments, to the R&D directly on product like absorbable polymer-based implant, non-absorbable composite and metallic.

For more information please contact Elodie PACARD: e.pacard@rescoll.fr

Download our quality certificates dedicated to biomaterials and medical devices on the following link : https://www.rescoll-medical.fr//quality/


[1] ISO 13485:2003 Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes

[2] http://rescoll.fr/blog/rescoll-accredite-par-le-cofrac-pour-les-essais-mecaniques-sur-implants-orthopediques/

Implementation of 3D printing in medical devices

sculpteo-3D-300x300The last meeting of the “MedPharmplast France” working group took place in Lyon on December 11, 2014. This meeting was organized by the French Federation for Plasturgy and Composites and focussed on additive manufacturing (3D printing). Our specialist in medical devices, Elodie Pacard, presented a status of 3D printing practical aplications : “Today  additive manufacturing enables to design customized medical devices (surgical guides and implants), to achieve 3D models in order to determine the best surgical approach, and also to implement complex matrices for tissue engineering (Scaffold) and ultimately to produce organs (bioprinting)[1]” she said. “This product diversity is governed by a combination of regulations that can be sometimes very complex (Guideline 93/42 ; Guideline 2004/23 ; Resolution 1394/2008). Though many questions on this innovative process [2] still remain open, the medical devices sector (implantables and non implantables) reveals the presence of several products on the knee [3], spine [4], maxillofacial [5] markets, in Europe as well as in the United States. But what will it be like tomorrow with the new European regulation on medical devices ?”.

This meeting was the opportunity for RESCOLL to share their knowledge in 3D printing and their diversification strategy in medical devices. Today Rescoll is working on the imlementation of a “process Platform” to obtain innovative polymeric and composites products (polymeric and composite additive manufacturing, electrospinning and extrusion) for the medical devices area and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (MTI, ATMP). This platform will provide feasibility tests at lower cost on advanced technologies dedicated to medical devices.


Contact : e.pacard@rescoll.fr

Organizers and meeting agenda : http://www.allize-plasturgie.org/evenement/la-fabrication-additive-dans-le-medical

[1] 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs Sean V Murphy & Anthony Atala Nature Biotechnology 32, 773–785 (2014)

[2] Public Workshop – Additive Manufacturing of Medical Devices: An Interactive Discussion on the Technical Considerations of 3D Printing, October 8-9, 2014

[3] http://www.conformis.de/

[4] http://www.actusnews.com/documents_communiques/ACTUS-0-36201-Communique-MEDICREA-2014-06-06-lancement-cage-3D.pdf

[5] http://www.mddionline.com/article/first-fda-approved-3-d-printed-facial-implant-140821

RESCOLL presents the AnastomoSEAL project at the 2014 Materials Congress


On November 27, 2014 RESCOLL attended the 2014 Materials Congress in Montpellier to present their ongoing work on the AnastomoSEAL project. The purpose of this European project is to develop a resorbing patch based on the use of natural polymers to support tissue regeneration after colorectal anastomosis.

This was a great opportunity to present the progress of patch adhesion in the human body, as well as a sterilization mode as an alternative to the gamma rays of medical devices. This sterilization mode is based on sensitive polymers using a few or non degrading method by supercritical fluid.  This congress was also an opportunity to develop new relationships as part of future collaborative projects.

Please contact Marie-Pierre Foulc (mp.foulc@rescoll.fr) for further information.

Rescoll participates in the roundtable about technology transfers from spatial to medical areas : MEDISPACE 2014


Rescoll participated in the second MEDISPACE edition on December 4, 2014 in Mérignac. This event was organized by Bordeaux Technowest with partners such as Aerospace Valley competitive cluster and CNES. Their purpose is to develop technology transfers from spatial to medical areas.

 The day was divided into two parts : the morning was devoted to conferences about obvious interaction between the medical and spatial fields. The day ended by a roundtable on the subject “key success factors to be developped in the future to increase tecnological transfers from space towards medical areas and encourage economic interregion development around this topic”. Konstantin Sipos, Head of the R&D Department at Rescoll, took part in these discussions.

In the afternoon, business meetings were organized through an appointment Platform with the aim of providing companies or suppliers/service providers an individual answer to the issues of medical experts.

In this respect, Rescoll – who rapidly expanded in the Aerospace-Spatial-Defense area then diversified into the medical field – was able to bring forward their skills in these two very close domains. These two sectors include technical, feasibility, security and quality requirements. Whether in the ASD or medical areas, certifications/accréditations are essential (ISO 170255/COFRAC, NADCAP, ISO 13485, …).

Rescoll participated in the 2014’s edition of MEDICA from November 12 to 15 in Düsseldorf

Rescoll participated in the 2014’s edition of MEDICA from November 12th to 15th in Dusseldorf.

Dr Elodie PACARD and Dr Marie Pierre FOULC, two experts in medical devices, were available to discuss projects and meet your expectations. For more information about the exhibition, visit www.medica-tradefair.com

Do not hesitate to contact us : Elodie PACARD : e.pacard@rescoll.fr  and Marie Pierre FOULC : mp.foulc@rescoll.fr

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Rescoll partage son expérience sur les projets Européens aux Rendez-Vous Carnot 2014 à Lyon

image carnot
les « Rendez-Vous CARNOT », manifestation annuelle au cours de laquelle les laboratoires universitaires souhaitant mettre en avant leurs relations avec l’industrie. Traditionnellement sur Lyon, ce salon attire également d’autres structures de R&D, telles que les Sociétés de Recherche sous Contrat (SRC).
Rescoll était ainsi exposant pour cette 6e édition des « Rendez-Vous CARNOT » qui s’est tenu les 8 et 9 octobre 2014 à Lyon (Espace « Double Mixte »). Cet évènement combine conférences, rendez-vous et réuni des acteurs incontournable de l’innovation.
Les « Rendez-Vous Carnot » ont été pour RESCOLL l’occasion de mettre en avant ses compétences en matière d’analyse (ISO 17025), d’expertise, d’innovation (CIR, SRC, CRT) dans le domaine des matériaux polymères, composites, traitements de surface et technologies de collage.
La grande diversité d’acteurs présents au salon a permis à Rescoll d’établir de nouveaux contacts dans des domaines variés allant de la santé à l’aéronautique aussi bien au niveau académique, grand groupe et PME.
RESCOLL, très impliqué au niveau Européen, a partagé son expérience et son organisation à l’échelle PME sur les programmes européens, le jeudi 9 octobre avec l’intervention d’Elodie PACARD, Responsable secteur dispositifs médicaux, aux côtés d’acteurs majeurs et spécialistes des programmes européens :  Claire DELSUC, conseil Programmes européens, Enterprise Europe Network – CCI Lyon  Pascal FORMISYN, Point de Contact National PME Sébastien GAY, responsable Bureau Europe, ARDI Rhône-Alpes Jean-Philippe GOUY, Groupe Carnot Europe. La table ronde avait comme titre « PME : comment tirer profit des programmes européens »
Pour télécharger le programme des conférences : Programme_conferences RDV carnot