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RESCOLL expands business and relationships worldwide with MEDICA 2015.

RESCOLL exhibited at MEDICA 2015, the international exhibition of Medical & Pharmaceutical industry, held in Dusseldorf (Germany) from 16 to 19 November 2015.
This event is known to be the largest world-class medical event and was the opportunity to introduce the medical devices department of RESCOLL and to present developments done in the framework of European projects: SPIDIMAN (project co-funded under the fp7: 305343; http://www.spidiman.eu/), ANASTOMOSEAL (Project co-funded under the fp7: 280929 ; http://www.anastomoseal.eu/), TEH Tube (Project co-funded under the FP7: 280929; http://the-tube.eu/), through scientific support dedicated for MEDICA communication.
RESCOLL offers a variety of technological services to analyze, develop, prototype and manufacture biomaterials and medical devices in the orthopedic, spine, vascular and maxillofacial areas. The certified test laboratory (chemical, physiochemical and mechanical) according to ISO 17025, 13485 and the certified manufacturing unit according to ISO 13485 have been widely appreciated in this highly regulated field (Public Health Code, Directive 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC …).
MEDICA was for us an opportunity to expand business, relationship and partnerships worldwide.
To find out more, please contact one of our specialists in Medical Devices: e.pacard@rescoll.fr or marilys.blancy@rescoll.fr

MEDICA 2015: Large representation of Rescoll Medical


On November 18th and 19th, RESCOLL will participate to MEDICA Healthcare Brokerage Event in Düsseldorf dedicated to the major European players of the medical area. The aim of this event is to support enterprises, universities and research institutions in finding partners in Europe for product development, manufacturing and licensing agreements, distribution partnerships, joint ventures or other types of partnership.

This event will be the opportunity for Rescoll to be well represented with « B2B meetings organized with brokerage Event» and our stand in Exhibition Centre of MEDICA (A24  Hall 17).

Dr Elodie PACARD and Marilys BLANCHY, two experts in medicals devices, will be available to discuss projects and meet your expectations.

For more information about MEDICA Healthcare Brokerage visit: https://www.b2match.eu/medica2015

Or do not hesitate to contact us :

Elodie PACARD : e.pacard@rescoll.fr

Marilys BLANCHY : marilys.blanchy@rescoll.fr

RESCOLL will be present to MEDICA from the 16th to the 19th of November in Dusseldorf

MEDICARescoll will participate to the 2015’s edition of MEDICA from the 16th to the 19th of November in Dusseldorf. We invite you to visit our stand A24 in hall 17 and talk to our team about polymer, composite, binding technology, and surface treatment for your development, analysis and/or mechanical characterization as well as high precision machining for your medical devices.

Dr Elodie PACARD and Marilys BLANCHY, two experts in medicals devices, will be available to discuss projects and meet your expectations. For more information about the exhibition, visit www.medica-tradefair.com

We invite you to join us, Meet RESCOLL and the Rhône-Alpes Medtech industry on our shared booth Hall 17 stand A24 during a dedicated lunch break, on November 18TH 2015, from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

If you can’t attend MEDICA, do not hesitate to contact us : Elodie PACARD : e.pacard@rescoll.fr  and Marilys BLANCHY : m.blanchy@rescoll.fr

Rescoll ISO 17025 certification extends to Medical devices testing

The COFRAC technical certification committee gave its verdict : Rescoll has been ISO 17025 certified for new mechanical testings on orthopaedic implants. A 3.5-day audit was carried out in June 2015 within the different Rescoll Laboratories by a team of 3 auditors.

Schelcher and M. Bignon, respectively technical appraisers of 79 programme (food packaging migration) and 136 programme (chemical and biological products, medical equipments / medical devices / mechanical testing), as well as Mr. Foucher, Audit Manager and Quality specialist could appreciate professionalism of the technical staff and the operational aspect of the Quality system.

The request for the extension of our certification according to ISO 17025 standard to testing in the medical area (pull-out test according to ASTM F543 standards, compressive fatigue testing according to ASTM F2077 and ASTM F1717 standards) and continued accreditation in the other fields have therefore been registered by COFRAC.

Since 2008, Rescoll has been ISO 17025 certified by COFRAC for testing in the field of chemicals (fibers rate, density), thermal area (DMA, ATG, DSC), spectroscopies et chromatographies (IR, GPC, GC-MS), as well as mechanical area (tensile testing, compression testing, testing at various temperatures, wind power testing, …).

As part of the diversification strategy of its activities, Rescoll is also ISO 17025 certified by COFRAC for mechanical testing on medical devices, according to the 136 programme and for migration testing of food packaging according to programme 79.

You can find the list of available tests on the following link : RESCOLL – Accréditation COFRAC N°1-1995

For further information about the tests provided by Rescoll, please contact our sales department : commercial@rescoll.fr

For further information about Rescoll certifications, accreditations and qualifications, please contact Stéphanie Arigoni, Quality Manager : qualite@rescoll.fr

RESCOLL will be present at the Medical Device autumn meeting : 2015 Edition

La rentree du DMThe 2015 Edition of the Medical Device fall meeting will take place in Besançon from September 17 to September 18. The first day will be dedicated to regulatory news and recording of medical devices export sales, with a focus on 3 markets : american, chinese and brazilian. The second day will be dedicated to process control.

Please come and meet our experts Elodie PACARD and Marilys BLANCHY at the RESCOLL stand, it will be a great opportunity for us to present our know-how in terms of analysis (chemical, physiochemical and mechanical), validation, design and manufacturing in the field of biomaterials and medical devices for any technical exchange during the day..

For further information about RESCOLL activities in the area of medical innovation studies, please visit : https://www.rescoll-medical.fr//

For more information about our medical devices manufacturing activities : http://www.rescoll-mfg.com/

Rescoll participates in the “Regenerative Medicine and Tissue and Cell Bioengineering” Days organized by two Competitiveness clusters (Matéralia and Microtechniques).

metz metz2On July 2nd y, Rescoll attended the Health Business Connect workshop co-organized by the cluster Materalia and the cluster Microtechniques in Metz.

The workshop focused on Regenerative Medicine and tissue and cell bio-engineering.

During this workshop, Rescoll had the opportunity to present its developments in tissue engineering and more specifically tissue engineering of the heart valve through surface bio functionalization, taking the European project TEH-Tube (www.teh-tube.eu) as a case study

Rescoll presented to enterprises involved in the field of medical devices its know-how in analysis (chemical, physico-chemical and mechanical), R&D and manufacturing in the field of Biomaterials and medical devices. More specifically, Rescoll presented its strategic development in innovative process such as electrospinning or surface functionalization by bioactive molecules. Regulatory aspects were also discussed in order to position the new device in a complex environment.

This day also provided an opportunity to meet with other companies active in the field of tissue engineering.


Large representation of RESCOLL at the French 2015 MEDTEC Fair in Besançon

Rescoll-Medtec1Rescoll was an exhibitor at the 7th edition of Medtec France, a fair for medical devices of the French industry. This fair took place on June 10 and 11 in Besançon (MICROPOLIS exhibition complex). This event combines conferences and exhibitions and covers all technologies and skills of the medical device branch.

 The MEDTEC Fair was the opportunity for Rescoll to emphasize its skills in terms of manufacturing (ISO 13485, CII), expertise, innovation (SRC, CRT, ISA13485), analysis and characterization (ISO 17025) in the biomaterial and medical devices sector. In addition, COFRAC accreditations for mechanical testing on bone screws (ASTM F543) ; ASTM F2077 on body fusion devices ; ASTM F2267 on body fusion devices ; ASTM F1717 on spinal implants ; ISO12189 on spinal implants ; ISO 7206-10 on assembly of stem/neck with modular head – were the subject of numerous demands.

 In parallel, Elodie Pacard (Project Manager, Rescoll) and Magali Genet (Manager, Alcis) hosted a plenary conference about research works coming from FUI « HOBBIT » by RESCOLL, ALCIS, STATICE, NORAKER and IMP Lyon and MATEIS Laboratories. The neurosurgical applications were presented and largely appreciated by the attendees. The project aims to develop biomimetic and bioactive implants for bone reconstruction. The products manufacturing is based on composite technology (active ceramic and resorbable polymer) and uses the techniques of plastic processing (a project jointly certified by Plastipolis and microtechnical clusters and supported by FUI 8). This presentation will maybe enable Alcis to get financed to carry out a clinical study, which is essential before placing an implantable product on the market.  Alcis innovation responds to a real clinical need in pediatric neurosurgery.

The great diversity of stakeholders attending the MEDTECH Fair allowed Rescoll to develop new contacts in the area of ophtalmology, orthopaedics, soft tissues and vascular surgery. The various exchanges allowed to discuss about ongoing research projects or projects to come.

 For further information, please contact us at : e.pacard@rescoll.fr


MEDTEC France 2015: Large representation of Rescoll Medical


MEDTEC France is a French business event focused on medical device manufacturers striving for more technology, networking and innovation. It will take place on june 10 and 11 in Besançon.

Rescoll will have a dual presence at this 2015 MEDTEC Fair :


On one hand, we will have a stand during these two days, where you will be able to meet with people in charge of our innovation and production business in the medical area.

On the other hand, Elodie Pacard and Magalie Genet (Alcis Manager) will hold a plenary conference on June 11th, at 10.15 am to present the work carried out in “HOBBIT” FUI project by Rescoll, Alcis, NORAKER, and two French laboratories: IMP Lyon and MATEIS. It is entitled “A new generation of biomimetic and bioactive implant for bone reconstruction in cranio- maxillofacial surgery”.

The project objective was to develop resorbable implants with gradients of mechanical properties and resorption. These implants are made from composite materials (organic /bioactive ceramic) stimulating bone regrowth and using conventional plastics technologies. Ultimately, the success of this project will avoid removing plates, screws, pins after surgery … and open up the possibility to develop resorbable implants with mechanical strength. Project supported by FUI 8, 092906353.

For more information about Rescoll’s innovation studies in the medical field, please visit : https://www.rescoll-medical.fr/

For information about our manufucturing activity of medical devices, please visit : http://www.rescoll-mfg.com

RESCOLL participated in the round table discussion titled “The resources of 3D printing”

3D day 3DRESCOLL was present April 16th, 2015 at “usine IO” in Paris for a day of meetings and debates between industry and implementors of 3D printing organized by the “Fédération de la Plasturgie et des Composites” (French Federation of Plastics and Composites)

The day was punctuated by a series of round tables including specialists who came to debate and discuss their experiences for: Deciphering the changes and challenges of an emerging industry (including machine manufacturers, material suppliers, industrial uses and expectations); Discovering new uses for 3D printing and the prospects they open; Understanding the 3D printing future across research areas (technology, materials and modeling); Identifying new models associated with 3D printing (manufacture agility, collaborative and digital revolution) and their main impact on the industry.

Elodie PACARD, our specialist in medical devices, participated in the round table discussion titled “The resources of 3D printing” to assess the impacts and opportunities of 3D printing and present potential new uses and the main prospects 3D printing will open in the healthcare sector. Today’s 3D printing is becoming increasingly important in this area. It is mainly used for manufacturing customized medical devices (surgical implants & guides), for producing 3D models to evaluate the better surgical approaches, and for manufacturing complex matrix used in Tissue Engineering (Scaffold). However it can also be used for manufacturing organ ” Bio-printing “, this innovative manufacturing technology raises many questions in a highly regulated field (Directives 93/42 / EEC, Directive 2004/23 / EEC, Directive 1394/2007, the code of public health … etc)

This day was dedicated to assessing and debating the aspects of 3D printing that allow industry and implementors to identify the impacts and opportunities of 3D printing on their businesses.

Moreover, it was an opportunity for RESCOLL to resubmit its 3D printing platform dedicated to polymers and composites, the “MED FAB LAB”, to design medical devices in an ISO 13485 environment and also to qualify through our accredited testing laboratory and IS0 17025 Mechanical tests:

  • Design of devices: Transforming the idea, imaging in CAD model.
  • Printing: Manufacture High-resolution model (up to 30 microns)
  • Implementation: Manufacture materials for 3D printing (composite, containing active product, polymers not reachable to 3D printing etc …).
  • Validation: Morphology, chemical, physicochemical, Mechanics etc …


Link to the program: http://www.laplasturgie.fr/le-3d-day-160415-usine-io-paris/


RESCOLL participates in the MEDI’NOV business days dedicated to the major players of the medical devices area.

On April 8 and 9 2015, RESCOLL was present at the MEDI’NOV business days in Grenoble.


The concept is to bring together major industry leaders and service providers of the medical area in a single place in order to encourage technical processes transfer. ​

This event was the opportunity for Rescoll to be well represented at the level of « B2B meetings » but also in terms of thematic conferences.

Rescoll presented to the companies from the medical devices area their know-how in terms of (chemical, physiochemical and mechanical) analysis, validation, development and manufacturing in the field of biomaterials and medical devices. COFRAC qualifications (ISO 17025) of the chemical, physiochemical and mechanical analysis laboratory, as well as 13485 accreditations of the manufacturing unit on one hand and business for the design in biomaterials, surface treatments and medical devices on the other hand were largely appreciated within this highly regulated sector (Public Health Code, European directive 93/42/CEE amended by 2007/47/CEE …).

In addition, the plenary conference given by Elodie PACARD about the ongoing work and regulatory issues raised by innovative projects carried out at RESCOLL and entitled « From surface functionalization of medical devices to advanced therapy combined medicines » was also largely appreciated and allowed many interactions with the attendees.

MEDI’NOV was also the opportunity for us to build and strengthen partnerships with stakeholders from the medical devices area.

For further information, please contact one of our specialists in medical devices : e.pacard@rescoll.fr

Weblink to the programme : http://medinov-connection.wix.com/medinov-connection#! programme-des-confrences/c4xw


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