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Implementation of 3D printing in medical devices

sculpteo-3D-300x300The last meeting of the “MedPharmplast France” working group took place in Lyon on December 11, 2014. This meeting was organized by the French Federation for Plasturgy and Composites and focussed on additive manufacturing (3D printing). Our specialist in medical devices, Elodie Pacard, presented a status of 3D printing practical aplications : “Today  additive manufacturing enables to design customized medical devices (surgical guides and implants), to achieve 3D models in order to determine the best surgical approach, and also to implement complex matrices for tissue engineering (Scaffold) and ultimately to produce organs (bioprinting)[1]” she said. “This product diversity is governed by a combination of regulations that can be sometimes very complex (Guideline 93/42 ; Guideline 2004/23 ; Resolution 1394/2008). Though many questions on this innovative process [2] still remain open, the medical devices sector (implantables and non implantables) reveals the presence of several products on the knee [3], spine [4], maxillofacial [5] markets, in Europe as well as in the United States. But what will it be like tomorrow with the new European regulation on medical devices ?”.

This meeting was the opportunity for RESCOLL to share their knowledge in 3D printing and their diversification strategy in medical devices. Today Rescoll is working on the imlementation of a “process Platform” to obtain innovative polymeric and composites products (polymeric and composite additive manufacturing, electrospinning and extrusion) for the medical devices area and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (MTI, ATMP). This platform will provide feasibility tests at lower cost on advanced technologies dedicated to medical devices.


Contact : e.pacard@rescoll.fr

Organizers and meeting agenda : http://www.allize-plasturgie.org/evenement/la-fabrication-additive-dans-le-medical

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